Skeletons are the last creatures you encounter in Zombotron 1. In Zombotron 2 and Zombotron 2: Time Machine, they are seen hanging through the maps. Occasionally there are rests of decayed human limbs in chests (In Zombotron 1), or hanging from a rope. They are hostile towards all other entities. They are stronger than Grey Robots, Red Robots, Normal Spiders, and Normal Zombies. They will kill you with two swings from swords. Their equipment may reassemble viking's.

Types Edit

Normal SkeletonEdit


The typical skeleton, armed with swords. They are the easiest skeleton to kill because their whole body is exposed.

Shield Skeleton


Shield skeletons carry shields as well as swords so they are more difficult to kill. The best way to eliminate them is to aim for their heads.

Helmet SkeletonEdit


This is the hardest skeleton to kill, because they are the most armoured. They have a Viking-style helmet that will protect them from a few attempted headshots (before falling off), along with a shield and sword. Use explosives to kill this type of skeleton easly.

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