Achievements Board

 Just like in the first Zombotron game, the second one has a variety of achievements to get. Although there are 10 achievements in Zombotron 2 instead of 12, they vary in difficulty.

List of AchievementsEdit

  • Sniper: To make two head shots at a stretch
  • Dweeb: To use 20 medicine chests
  • Professional: To complete a level without firing
  • Mr. Death: To die 50 times
  • Great Warrior: To kill 5 bosses
  • Butcher: To kill 200 enemies
  • Lots of Money: To collect 10000 money
  • Bomberman: To blow up 5 enemies at once
  • Treasure Hunter: To find all trophies
  • Cautious: To complete a level without any damage

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